Cosmic asset management
made down to earth

Quasar is a decentralized app-chain
bringing ease to investing in the multi-chain universe.

What ?

Why ?


Liquidity can flow efficiently with the help of Vaults built on Quasar.
Passive investors can put their digital assets to work with little effort while experienced investors can lead the design of Vaults and quickly aggregate liquidity.


  • Every single vault runs a different strategy on a different IBC-enabled chain, consolidating the control of deployed capital to vault owners.
  • Invest into all IBC yield strategies by staking into our treasury or consolidate your capital in the vault of your choice - and gain voting power
  • In the future, every $QSR holder can create their own vault by locking up their tokens and running their own strategies, as well as receive revenue from provided liquidity


  • Quasar will become the biggest liquidity owner in Cosmos - and let $QSR holders receive the profits
  • Aggregate yield multi + cross chain on the entire IBC enabled ecosystem
  • Enable investors of all kinds to earn successful income
  • Own & Increase substantial amount of ATOM liquidity
  • Position ourselves to be an irreplaceable part of Cosmos moving forward

Quasar ($QSR) token

Quasar will become the capital management chain on Cosmos, starting with inter-chain yield maximization strategies all the way to protocol owned liquidity and tailored capital solutions for $QSR holders.


Community Vaults

Where we are headed...

Future vault strategies & growth opportunities to realize the real vision of a capital management blockchain

Vault Idea:

Collateralized loans against assets provided to us by bonding

Vault Idea:

Delta Neutral Strategies (flash loans, stable coin staking)

Vault Idea:

Bootstrap liquidity or invest in promising young projects

Questnet launch: Q3 2022

Mainnet launch: Q1 2023

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Quasar will become the all-things-capital of Cosmos, starting with inter-chain yield maximization strategies all the way to protocol owned liquidity and collateralized loans.

Phase 1

  • MVP Questnet release
  • Vault on Osmosis

Phase 2

  • Auditing
  • Validator testnet launch

Phase 3

  • Interchain accounts
  • Hosting community-built, governance curated strategy

Phase 4

  • Mainnet launch
  • $QSR asset-backing programs